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Home base sleep studies across Australia.


Sleep Clinic Services  Home based sleep studies are now available across Australia, from capital cities to mining camps and remote rural properties.

Instead of making you get to the diagnostic technology, we get the technology to you.

Modern portable diagnostic technology means you can now get a full polysomnogram (diagnostic sleep study) in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home, wherever you are.

No need to visit a specialist or clinical facility. No long waiting lists. No overnight stay in a hospital bed. No fitting appointment, then wearing the equipment until the next morning. No fuss at all.

A diagnostic unit is delivered to your door, on a date you choose.

These are full diagnostic sleep studies, not mere screening devices (which attract no Medicare coverage).

Your home based diagnostic sleep study is reported on by an independent Australian specialist sleep physician and the findings are explained to you in plain English and in person, over the phone, so you know exactly what you are dealing with.

A sleep physician's diagnosis and prescription ensures any treatment costs are subsidised by your health insurer. Inferior screening technology does not qualify for this, leaving you out of pocket if treatment is necessary.

For almost a decade, Sleep Clinic Services has been Australia's leading provider of professional, Medicare-rebated home-based diagnostic sleep studies all across Australia, including in regional areas.

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